From one-man-bands working from home who need space to employ one more person, or those planning to expand for different logistical or business reasons, scaling-up is a good choice, but flexibility is key.
Just copy/paste and fill this format to quickly get on your way to planning and creating a business plan.

If you’re registered as a limited or public limited company it’s highly likely that you’re eligible to claim back cash from the UK Tax Authority (HMRC) on money that you spent developing your business, including staff, contractors, software, and other costs.
Most owner managers think they have a reasonable handle on the overall financial performance of their business, but how accurate is their profit data and could it be misleading them? To improve their chances of success, they need access to accurate and meaningful data. But where should they start?

When raising finance, figuring out valuation can be one of the most tricky aspects. Priced poorly may either hurt your efforts to raise finance in this round, or in future rounds. Often it is useful to look at what competitors had raised at a similar stage of funding. It is also incredibly important to distinguish pre-money valuation from post-money valuation.
In my experience many of them go through 5 distinct phases which I have decided to call The 5 Phases of Failure (yes - shocking title I know!). Here’s a very brief summary of the 5 phases of failure... Build a website (then realise that traffic is hard to get) Attend networking groups and events (until you find that they are attended by the wrong type of people for your business) Switch to LinkedIn (until...

Trade fairs offer a great opportunity to get your name out there but, when you’re competing with so many other businesses, what can you do to make yourself stand out and encourage people to approach you?
As a business owner, it can be so easy to get caught up in external situations and thinking about others in order to make the business happy that you forget to prioritise yourself and your goals. What about your own happiness?

Red Bull applications have opened today for the first Red Bull Amaphiko Academy in the UK. The global programme, a platform for social innovators, which is already successful in fifteen locations - including Johannesburg, São Paulo and Baltimore - champions social entrepreneurs driving positive change in their corner of the world. Applications are open until 31st May 2019.
Cardiff and Edinburgh rank highest for small business density. Edinburgh, outperforms Cardiff for the availability of rental spaces, with a higher retail sales area provision per person.

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