What is the UK Government doing for entrepreneurs coming from overseas?


Entrepreneurs contribute to the economy, create jobs and create value for the UK community. So what can the UK government do for us? 


Late Payments to SMEs are Not Acceptable


The government is being urged to introduce tougher rules to tackle late payments to suppliers, including a 30-day deadline. After the Prompt Payment Code has proved to be ineffective....


Managing and Promoting your Content

All great marketers know of the ever growing importance of content. 


Whether it is just to increase the SEO of your business, to showcase your company as an expert in the field or to engage with customers, content is key (not to sound cliquey).


Once your valuable content is online how can you get it out there for all to see?


- Influencers. If you aren’t a big enough influencer yourself pay influencers directly to spread your word for you...

Make. Marketing. Matter.

Do you want to make your brand famous? Of course you do.


The advantage that you have as an entrepreneur is that you are the founder of the business. It’s your baby and that means you’ll nurture and grow it as such. Successful marketing is not about campaigns or channels – it’s about creating one strong mindset throughout your business and powering towards your vision…


By Ellie Duffus, Marketing Principal, Elixirr

Controversy and Social Justice in the Mix

The methods to market we as businesses experience are constantly evolving and changing. There are overwhelming number of adverts that the public are exposed to daily, though the exact level varies greatly, most sources cite this as several thousand adverts daily. 


It’s become commonplace to create controversy in order to stand out. Regularly we see agencies put forwards comically dubious adverts in order for them to be banned from traditional advertising sources, such as on TV or at sports events, so that their target market will find these adverts online, usually on YouTube, and share them. 

Investing in New Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs seeking funding to expand their business, choosing the right investment partner is critical.  It is essential for start-ups to understand what investors are looking for in a potential investment.


In an ideal world, an entrepreneur can choose from different investment options, not just one...


By Tim Stone, Venture Partner, Breed Reply. 

Automating the Customer Experience

It is always better to speak to a friendly person in your own town when it comes to customer service. Whether it is by phone, email or otherwise. But budget or time constraints, especially for a new, growing or small business, might make this impossible.


If the customer service is impaired in any way, leading to waiting times, or a rushed service we can probably all agree that an automated service is still a good step up from this...

Edelman's PR tips for SMEs in 2019

5 PR Tips for entrepreneurs and SMEs to keep in mind for 2019


1.       Existing is not news


Sorry snowflake. Understand that there are millions like you, all clamouring for attention. Journalists do not owe you their attention, you have to earn it through the merit of your story. Understand what your story is, where the tension and drama is, and why your mission is important.


2.       Get to the point

Journalists have to parse a lot of information quickly. They....


By Rebecca Ball, Associate Director, Edelman UK

London Growth Hub

When I speak to entrepreneurs about business support, the one thing I hear over and over again is that they struggle to understand where to go to for advice and assistance. There are over five hundred different business support programmes in London, so it’s no wonder that they don’t know where to start. This is the primary reason why the London Growth Hub was established...



By Simon Pitkeathley, Board Member, London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) , CEO, Euston Town and Camden Town BIDs , CEO, Camden Collective, 

The Augmented Workforce

It’s important to remember that an augmented workforce is not a new thing. Since the dawn of time humans showed a distinctive ability in making and operating tools, and these tools have evolved with us. Making them requires growing specialisation – such as training an AI – but operating them is becoming easy for the end user...


By Gianluca Bisceglie, founder and CEO of Visyond 

Equity-based crowdfunding for early and mid-stage companies

Whilst having a great business idea or invention is a brilliant foundation, it is rarely enough to guarantee success on its own. 


Equity-based crowdfunding represents an attractive opportunity for many early and mid-stage companies who are looking to raise capital...


By Sam Quawasmi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Eureeca 

Scammers in the city

There are plenty of opportunities for legitimate businesses and freelancers in the UK, and although costs to starting up legitimate businesses are lower than ever before, there are always those who prefer to engage with illegitimate schemes to steal money.


It can happen to the best of us, but when an opportunity presents itself that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Pyramid/Ponzi  schemes still exist and through legal loopholes can guise themselves as legitimate. You may be approached by well meaning individuals/ friends or family perhaps, who might engage with you asking you to become a business partner in a scheme that involves recruiting more business partners. There is a very fine line between a pyramid scheme and a multi-level marketing scheme, but in the eyes of the law at least, an MLM scheme is not illegal, but the engagement may not be as lucrative as you had once hoped. In addition perhaps getting friends and family to engage with the scheme, whether it’s buying products from you, or recruiting them into the same scheme for your profit, could be considered dubious as well...