Operate a mini pop-up in an out-of-hours shop : Occupyd


It seems like every week there is another fantastic disruptor with a new creative and innovative idea. But when coming across Occupyd, it seemed important to spread the message. 


As difficult as it can be to start a new business, with high premises costs and sometimes a short performance history, an easier route to market could be here. 


Occupyd, a first-of-its-kind online marketplace, that connects businesses and individuals searching for workspace, with companies looking to monetise their extra capacity.


Occupyd caters to a number of industries across the UK including hospitality, hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as workshops, photography studios, event spaces and much more.


Here’s how it works: a cafe that closes its doors at 3pm each day can advertise its kitchen space on Occupyd for small businesses or entrepreneurs who cater to the evening market. This provides out-of-hours income for the owner - during a time when it's needed most - and cuts down the financial responsibility for the occupant. 


Taking a five or 10 year lease on a building, paying a hefty deposit and having access to it 24 / 7 is not what most SMEs and microbusinesses want or can afford. Here is access to space in potentially prime locations, when and where they need it. You also have the added benefit of  equipment such as ovens and mixers, which would otherwise have to be bought. 


"We talk about the ‘hidden market’ - something which is already there, but people are unaware of. Monetising after-hours capacity, which would otherwise be empty, or renting out supplementary workspace could be a goldmine for some companies. Many of us are sitting on something valuable - we just don’t know it." says founder, Callum McPherson.


How does Occupyd work, and who is using it?


Occupyd currently caters to a number of industries across the UK including hospitality, hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as workshops, photography studios and event spaces..


When businesses sign up, all they need to do is create a profile and field enquiries from interested parties. Occupyd does all the marketing and platform development so space owners can kick back and watch the bookings roll in. Once they reach a deal and accept a tenant, the money will be deposited into their bank account, so no need to issue or chase invoices. 


Occupyd makes it infinitely easier to not only get started in business, but also test your concept and expand.


Potential earnings/cost


Listings on Occupyd are on average £100 per day.


What have been the challenges for the founders of Occupyd?


Whilst hairdressers have always rented out chairs to freelancers, cafes have not necessarily always rented out their kitchens in the evenings. This means that we have a challenge to educate markets on our proposition as they are unlikely to be familiar with the concept. 


What is next for the business?


Occupyd has become well established in 2020 and our immediate goals are to continue growing our user base and enter the US market with an immediate focus on New York City.


The middle part of 2020 has been all about kitchen space, given the explosion in demand from delivery operators during the pandemic. As more and more types of venues open up, Occupyd is growing in new areas with salons in particular signing up to the platform in droves. In addition to this we also have therapy rooms, offices as well as studios and other types of spaces. Occupyd is very much a multi-vertical platform, intended to be used by anyone requiring access to flexible work-space.