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For fast-growing start-ups, there comes a point when management team structures and responsibilities need to change. But where should they start and what do they need to consider?
Coming up with a business idea is one thing, but becoming an entrepreneur is something else entirely. No you don’t have to have a passion for what you are doing as so many entrepreneurs like to advise, but you do need to have the determination to make what you are doing work. You need to be able to execute your business idea, and the ability to focus on your priorities or you will end up with burnout before your even onto your first sale.

All great marketers know of the ever growing importance of content. Whether it is just to increase the SEO of your business, to showcase your company as an expert in the field or to engage with customers, content is key (not to sound cliquey). Once your valuable content is online how can you get it out there for all to see?
Is the world still poised towards men in an entrepreneurship role. Are the concessions for women in business evening the playing field?

It is always better to speak to a friendly person in your own town when it comes to customer service. Whether it is by phone, email or otherwise. But budget or time constraints, especially for a new, growing or small business, might make this impossible. If the customer service is impaired in any way, leading to waiting times, or a rushed service we can probably all agree that an automated service is still a good step up from this.