Tips and Hacks for SMEs

In order to effectively create a content strategy it is important to know and define who you want to be reading your content. I.e your customers and potential investors. It’s vital that you imagine who your reader is when deciding what to write and how to write it. What is their demographic, age, income and interest in your company. Then you can segment your audience directing the right people to the right content.
Being an entrepreneur has it’s perks. Here are some freebies that will help you on your way!

The company might be growing, but while you evolve, you need to make sure you aren't biting off more than you can chew, after all sudden rapid growth is a common reason for start-up failure. Here are some tips for SME growth.
In Britain a study by OHT shows that plans for online purchases during the Nov/Dec period this year rose to 33%, up 5% since 2017. Here are 6 hacks for making the most of the online sales boost over this festive season.