SEO versus SEM is that recurring duo that puzzles the digital marketing world since it’s very beginnings, yet most people are still trying to wrap their heads around it. It’s time to bring this dilemma to an end by revealing, what they stand for, and the relationship between them, how are they clashing, and what’s holding them together, best strategies to get ROI and avoid time and money sink.
Trade fairs offer a great opportunity to get your name out there but, when you’re competing with so many other businesses, what can you do to make yourself stand out and encourage people to approach you?

All great marketers know of the ever growing importance of content. Whether it is just to increase the SEO of your business, to showcase your company as an expert in the field or to engage with customers, content is key (not to sound cliquey). Once your valuable content is online how can you get it out there for all to see?
5 PR Tips for entrepreneurs and SMEs to keep in mind for 2019 Understand that there are millions like you, all clamouring for attention. Journalists do not owe you their attention, you have to earn it through the merit of your story. Understand what your story is, where the tension and drama is, and why your mission is important... By Rebecca Ball, Associate Director, Edelman UK

When we look back at the past decade, we can see how influencer entrepreneurialism has just sky rocketed, with every young teen to late 20s adult trying to create and profit from building their own brand. Creating very real, but very fickle businesses, born of contacts, energy and popularity.
The methods to market we as businesses experience are constantly evolving and changing. There are overwhelming number of adverts that the public are exposed to daily. It’s become commonplace to create controversy in order to stand out.

Do you want to make your brand famous? Of course you do. The advantage that you have as an entrepreneur is that you are the founder of the business. It’s your baby and that means you’ll nurture and grow it as such. Successful marketing is not about campaigns or channels – it’s about creating one strong mindset throughout your business and powering towards your vision…