Entrepreneurship is risky. Most entrepreneurs when they start out, are told time and time again that most business fail in the first 3 years. They are told it takes most of your waking hours to create a business, non stop motivation and a bit of insanity. Many entrepreneurs consider the option of getting involved in a trialled and true method of entrepreneurship, that is less risky, and with a clear plan and proved demand - sales cycle.
Is the world still poised towards men in an entrepreneurship role. Are the concessions for women in business evening the playing field?

Building an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to grow in London is vitally important for the future of the city. Today there are more and more opportunities for entrepreneurs to go to relevant events thanks to the expansion of companies such as Meetup and Eventbrite. What makes a good event? Last month we saw the B-Startup Show which ran alongside the Business show 2018. Claiming to be Europes biggest business events for entrepreneurs in London. Unfortunately I was surprised to find (or hardly find)...