Generation Sessions

Start Up

Starting up a business? Start-Up Generate sessions are designed to support you, and advise you on the most difficult first steps of growth.


Start-up Generate sessions create a safe platform for different industry solutions for common problem and the sharing of expertise and knowledge from different fields. 


Each session we will be addressing problems that new entrepreneurs face, and collaborating on how to address those problems from the point of view of various entrepreneurs in different industries. 



The new tech available to entrepreneurs is constantly moving and it has become even easier to start your own venture. But not all tech is created equal. 


In these tech sessions we find out what new tech is available to start-ups. What has worked and what hasn't. And we discuss how we can maximise on new tech for entrepreneurs and what is currently available. 


Each session we will be going over what our entrepreneurs are investing in and following their journey to see what works for them. We will also be given the opportunity to beta test new platforms for other new tech start ups.


As entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to network and connect with other like minded entrepreneurs with different skills to your own.


Generate Entrepreneur partnership sessions were created so you can network at the same time as seeing potential partners in action, while also getting creating.


Each session is comprised of a fast paced challenge, where entrepreneurs network and scope out new business partners through brainstorming, and quick thinking. 

Learn to Code for Entrepreneurs

Start Coding Today! Learn to create IOS apps with Apple's most up to date language - Swift!


We will be running 2, 6 week Swift courses for entrepreneurs starting on the 2nd and 3rd October, with 4-6 hours of at home study.


By the end of the 6 week course, students will know how to create a simple IOS app and a study group to continue learning!



Tuesday Lessons- These are for absolute beginners with no experience in coding. We will go slower and pay more attention to coding basics. 


Wednesday Lessons- These are for students who have no experience with Swift, but are familiar with basic programming concepts, having previously learnt a different language. 


Book Today to guarantee your place in the course. 


Lessons will run for 6pm - 8pm at £20 per hour.

Tuesday Swift Course

£20 per hour. 

2nd October - 13th November

6-8pm every Tuesday


Wednesday Swift Course

£20 per hour. 

3nd October - 14th November

6-8pm every Wednesday


Creating an IOS app from scratch: Swift Coding, The Definitive Guide


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Book a Taster Session

Once booked we will call you and schedule in a time when you are available for a 2 hour taster session for complete beginners.